You surely don’t need any introduction to sports betting and it is not a new thing. Sports betting is being practiced for decades and it has become more advanced now, thanks to the online sports betting sites or you can also call them sportsbooks or online bookmakers. We’ll get back to everything else, but before that, we’ll be telling you the best sportsbooks and online betting sites that are highly trustworthy and have been satisfying gamblers for years.

We only recommend legal, licensed and trustworthy sites, so, don’t expect to see a list of hundreds of sportsbooks here, it’s going to be short but high quality.

Best Sportsbooks Online 2024

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Mobile Compatible?

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888 Sports


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SportsBetting AG


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It’s tough for a newbie to select an online bookmaker, some noob gamblers think that the sports are live, so, there would be no cheating hence the site doesn’t matter but it actually does matter.

Not every betting site becomes the best online sportsbook, there are various things that matter, for example, the sports they allow, the regions they allow, legalities, deposit and withdrawal methods, fair play, software and mobile compatibility, customer support, it all matters.

Choosing the Right Sports Betting Sites

It is definitely very important that you choose the right sports betting site as it involves real money and you undoubtedly don’t want to lose that because of a mere bad decision.

best online sportsbook

  • Term of Operation

For how long a sportsbook has been operating? Is it just a few months old or is it years old? Wait a minute, we are not saying that every casino or sportsbook that is less than 5-8 years old is a scam, not at all. It’s just that the older the company, the more trustworthy it becomes.

Also, if it has been operating for years, then there must be so many real reviews about them which is something newly launched sites lack.


  • Customer Support

If you bet on sports the traditional way, like visiting the sportsbook/casino physically, then it becomes easier to have a talk with the authorities, but what about the support if you are betting on sports online?

A sportsbook must have good customer support, be it through live chat, email or call.

  • Device Compatibility

Do you carry your laptop everywhere? Probably not, but you do carry your mobile phone everywhere. Not only the gambling but according to the stats, people surf the web and do stuff online more on mobile as compared to desktops and it is going to increase multiple folds in future.

The best sportsbooks we have mentioned on our list are all mobile compatible, they either have dedicated apps or have made their sportsbook sites fully responsive and compatible so that you can place bets on sports anytime from any location and device.

  • Welcome Bonus

It’s not just casinos that gives you amazing welcome bonuses, sportsbooks too give you the bonus on your deposits, well, this is one of the advantages of online sportsbooks.

  • Cash Deposit/Withdrawal and Payout Speed

First, they should have a number of choices for cash deposit and withdrawal and second, the payouts should not delay too much. Gamblers get frustrated when they just get excuses from sportsbooks/casinos instead of their winning amount.

Some of the casinos we have mentioned also accept cryptocurrency.

  • Licensing and Legalities

Once again, don’t go to any sportsbook/casino website which is not licensed and legally authorized to carry out online betting.

Are These Online Sportsbook Sites Worth it?

Yes. Like we said earlier, we are not going to provide you a list of hundreds of sportsbooks, it’s going to be short but every sportsbook on the list will be worth trusting and that’s what we did.

Whether you are from the USA or from other regions, these sportsbooks are good for you. These sportsbooks offer a wide variety of sports to choose from, some of them even stream live sports.

Be it NBA, Football, NFL, horse racing, MMA, boxing, MLB, soccer, hockey, esports or Olympic betting, these best sportsbooks sites have a lot to offer.


We saved your time and reviewed various sportsbooks which at the end gave us this list of best online sportsbook sites that you can trust. We could have given some more sites to increase our database for the sake of affiliate commissions but that is strictly against our policies.

Giving you the right and genuine information and recommendation is our motto. What’s your personal favorite online sports betting website? Let us know.