Playing at an online casino is easy, you don’t have to go anywhere and there is a large collection of casino games and online slots with lucrative and ravishing welcome bonuses and deals. Online gambling is in, playing games online and betting on them is a part of gambling since 1994. The online gambling industry has seen a tremendous growth in the number of online casino real money and gambling sites. Now you can play online casinos, bet on sports, and even play live dealer games at these trusted and best online casinos.

Recommended Best Online Casino Real Money

We keep this data as fresh as possible and keep on updating it from time to time, addition and removal of the list items are continuous, so don’t worry about getting outdated info, it’s all fresh info with all the working and live online casino sites.

We’ve divided the best online casinos on the basis of location, check out the section which belongs to your location. Real money casino locations we have listed here:

  • USA Casinos
  • Canada and New Zealand Casinos
  • UK Casinos
  • Australian Casinos
  • Indian casinos
  • Germany Casinos
These casinos allow many more locations and countries, it’s just a reference. To know about all the online casinos that we recommend you can check the list of recommended casinos for everyone here.

Check out the casinos according to your location and get the best deal out of it right now.

1. USA Online Casinos

Players from the USA have a tough time finding a casino online which is allowed and legal in their region. Don’t worry about it, we have done the researching work for you and come up with these legal casinos for the USA players.



+Welcome Bonus

Payout Speed: 2-7 Days

No Deposit BONUS (for our Players only)

24/7 Support

Bitcoins Accepted

$315K+ Jackpot

Safe & Secure


Uptown Aces


Welcome Bonus

Payout Speed: 2 Days

100+ Games & Slots

24/7 Support

Bitcoins Accepted

$1 Million Jackpot

Safe & Secure


Casino Extreme


Welcome Bonus

Payout Speed: Instant

200+ Games(130+ Slots)

Very Fast 24/7 Support

Bitcoins Accepted

$2 Million Progressive Jackpot

Safe & Secure


You can find even more USA casinos here.

These are the best and most reputed real money online casinos that actually pay when you win. We keep on updating this data time to time to help you get the best deal and gaming experience.

However, there are still some states in the US that are not allowed to play. To know if your state is allowed, just visit the official casino website using the links given above and see if you can register or not. You can also contact their support.

Top Online Casinos for Your Region

Below we have listed a number of online casinos for various countries like the USA online casinos, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, India, New Zealand etc.

Just click on “VIEW CASINOS” button and you will get the list of the best and most trusted online casinos for your location.

USA Online Casinos

It's hard to find US friendly online casinos. We have done the hard work for you. Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of all the USA online casinos where you can play for real money.

UK Online Casinos

Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the most trusted and best online casinos for the UK players where you can play for real money.

Australia Online Casino

Here are the best online casinos for real money for the Australian players. Just click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of AU friendly online casinos.

Canada Online Casinos

Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of our trusted and recommended online casinos for Canada. You can play in your own currency as well.

India Online Casinos

Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of best real money online casinos for Indian players where you can play in your own local currency.

Germany Online Casinos

Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of online casinos we recommend for the German players. Play in Euros for real money.

New Zealand Online Casinos

Click on "VIEW CASINOS" button to see the list of our recommended NZ online casinos. All of these are real money online casinos and currently the best in the industry.

What, Why, and How Discussion

Playing for fun is good but playing at online casino for real money is exciting, it fills you with thrill and you are more excited since your money is on bet and you surely don’t want to lose it BUT you’ll end up losing it all the time if you don’t choose your online casinos wisely.

best online casino real money


OCW’s TIP: Always play at recommended and trusted online casinos which are legal and have a positive goodwill.

There’s a problem now, you can’t just manually visit every online casino website and play for real money just to decide which one is legit and good for you. That’s why we are here, we review and pick the best online casino for you so that you can just go and play without worrying about anything else.

One has to be choosy when it comes to choosing the best casino online, gaming and gambling site. Sit back and relax, we’ve provided the list of best ever and most trusted online casino in the industry right now.

Why These Online Gambling Sites?

A question may be popping up in your head that why we are recommending these online casino sites for playing with real money and what about other casinos which you have heard about? If that is the case then allow us to tell you that not every online casino that is live on the internet is legit.

An online casino should have proper licensing and it should not commit any type of frauds, there are many other factors also which makes any online casino the best online casino and we are going to tell you about all of them in this real money online casino guide.

Steps that were taken to find the best casino online:

  • History Of Casino

You’ll notice one thing that all the casinos we have recommended are quite old and have been in the industry for so long. In such a time millions of players have played at these online casino websites and we closely monitor their experience also. Plus, the background of the casino also plays a role like where it is registered, which software they use, do they have proper authority or not. All these things help in deciding about the trustworthiness of all the real money online casinos.

  • Licensing and Legalities

You’ll find this key point in almost all of our casino reviews, we consider it as one of the most important key factors for deciding whether an online casino should be tried or not. If we find it to be an unlicensed casino then we drop it immediately without even having a further look at other factors.

  • Customer Support

Who would you run towards if there is any problem while playing in any online casino? Of course, the customer support. In that case, we check if the customer support is active all the time or not, we do this by trying to connect to them manually.

You’ll notice that all the online casinos on our list have an amazing customer support and they are live 24/7 at your service. You can reach them via live chat and call.

  • Casino welcome bonus and payout

“I don’t need any welcome bonus from online casinos”, said no one ever. Everyone looks for lavishing welcome bonus and offers. Our top recommended online casinos provide you the best and one of the highest welcome bonus in the industry.

  • Security and Protection

Your money and your personal data should be secured always. All the online casino sites we recommend have high-security measures and they are safe to gamble with.

Few Other Things to Check For Real Money Online Casino

The above-mentioned things are the most important when it comes to choosing the best online casino but there are few other things as well which you might consider looking for in any online casino.

  • Online Gaming

Online casinos ask you to download a software to your computer in order to bet and play online games. You might consider looking at how many games do they actually have. If you notice our top online casinos have hundreds of games to choose from and you can get best casino games online here.

  • Instant Game Play

You would probably want to get your hands on the game and see how it works before betting the real money. In that case, they offer instant play casino games which don’t require any software and you can play those games without any money and without signing up even.

  • Casino Website Navigation

A messy and difficult to understand website is a big turn off. If the players can’t understand website easily, they would probably leave the website. You should first navigate through the website and understand it.

  • Mobile Gaming

You can’t have your laptop or computer every time with you but you definitely have your mobile all the time. Gambling on mobile should be an option and for the online casinos, we have recommended it’s always there.

You can do betting and mobile gaming since the websites are responsive and mobile friendly.

Real Online Casino Guide and FAQ

We are saying it again that always play on legit, legal and licensed casinos. Many casinos fall in the blacklist and should be avoided at any cost until they are clean again which normally takes a lot of time for any online casino. If you want to see which casinos you should avoid then check out these blacklisted casinos.

with reputed real money online casino you get security, protection, fun gaming experience, wins, and a huge variety of gaming including roulette, blackjack, poker, video poker, real money casino slots, live dealer games, online blackjack, baccarat, sports betting and much more.

There may be a few questions in your head about these online casinos we have recommended, let us cover your questions and general queries in the FAQ section.

  • Banking options at these online casino sites

You get a lot of choices for depositing money in the casino website. All the online casinos we’ve recommended have a variety of banking options, from Visa, MasterCard to e-wallets like Neteller. Few casinos like Uptown aces, Casino extreme, Bitstarz etc. also accepts Bitcoin for playing.

  • Are These Online Casinos Safe?

Oh absolutely. We never recommend any false or a blacklisted casino to our valuable users like you. They are absolutely safe licensed and approved by official authorities like MGA, Malta GamingAuthority.

  • Is My Money Safe With These Gambling Sites?

You should not worry about that since they use very high-security measures and trusted payment options.

  • Is Their Gaming Software Safe?

These real money online casino sites use the best and safest gaming software like Microgaming, and it is completely secure and malware free.

  • Do I Really Get The Deposit Bonus?

Without any doubt, as long as an online casino is true and safe, you always get your welcome bonus. The casinos we have mentioned surely give you a welcome bonus, however, that totally depends on the amount you deposit.

  • Playing in My Own Currency.

Just go ahead, you can in American dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Euros, Pounds, New Zealand dollars. However, this depends on an online casino that what currencies do they support.

  • Is there any No Deposit Bonus?

Not all the casinos offer No Deposit Bonus, but yes, there are some trusted online casinos that offer NO Deposit Bonus, we have specifically mentioned about those casinos.

Over to You:

Which casino has turned out to be the best online casino for you? Or, which online casino you are about to play at? If you were to ask us then you can go ahead with any of the above online casino real money site we have mentioned since all of them are the best real money casino in their own terms and the rest depends on you.

Have fun gaming, betting, gambling and playing at any of our recommended real money online casinos.