Online Casino USA List-Best Trusted Online Casino For US Players

Online gambling industry has evolved enormously since past few years, you may find it interesting that first ever online casino was brought to people in 1996 and now today in 2018 you have plenty of online casinos to choose from and this online casino USA list gives you the best ever and most trusted and secure online casino sites where you can gamble. Check out these trustworthy online casino USA based sites.

Most Trusted and Best Online Casino USA

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All of the above online casino USA are absolutely secure and legal but the collection doesn’t end here, there are a few more trusted names in the game where you can gamble and earn huge amounts. Here are some few other online casino for USA players.

Uptown Aces


Welcome Bonus

Payout speed: 2 days

24/7 Support

Golden Lion

($500 Bonus)

Win Rate: 97.88%

24/7 Live Support

You can easily gamble using these online casino sites for USA players. All of them offer huge bonuses and hundreds of online casino games.

Few FAQ For USA Online Casino

There might be some questions in your mind which you want us to answer so here is the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section which will try to answer each and every question of your. Just to let you know that your information (email, phone) is safe with us and your connection is also secure since you can see we are using positive encryption. Lets begin to know few things about playing casino online at these United States casinos.

This is a very common question gamblers ask that why only these online casinos, internet is filled with many. You are absolutely correct, internet is filled with many online casino for USA but all of them are not secure.

We want you to stay secure and get the best casino.

Gamblers who are yet to try their hand in gambling often face this problem, they are not sure about it so don’t want to risk their money.

But there’s no such problem here, if you are a newbie and want to first try your hand in playing games and see how it works then you can play these games online for FREE OF COST without even signing up, play as a guest and once you are sure, get into the real gambling and play online casino USA and win some amount.

Yes, these are licensed however gambling laws in US may vary from state to state so it is advisable to check your local laws to be on safe side.

These online USA casinos gives you a wide choice of banking, withdraw and deposit options and are certified.

Al of these USA online casino offer huge payout percentage deducting a little fee which is negligible. All of them are 97% plus, some of them are even 98%+. You get almost all of your winning money.

98% payout means for every $100 you win, you get $98 in your pocket.

They are licensed and provide you various options for that, you can use your Visa card, master card, American Express, Neteller account and other payment options to deposit funds and withdraw them.

Just scroll up, visit the online casino website you want to play at, sign up for an account, deposit your first amount to your account and it will be credit to you. Please not that you cannot directly withdraw your free bonus just by signing up and not involving in casino.

How Do We Chose These Online Casino USA?

We have mentioned various times on this page that there are numerous online casino USA based but all of them are not trustworthy and legit, the ones we provided are licensed, this is one of the factors we look into while reviewing and including it in our online casino list.

Here are a few things we see while including a particular online casino in our collection, you should also check out these things if you want to be on the safe side:

  • Security: your money and your information is secured.
  • Welcome Bonus: You get a free welcome bonus and the amount is considerable.
  • Customer support: you get 24/7 customer support.
  • Banking options: Every person does not have the same banking cards and accounts, so you should get various options to deposit funds on online casino websites.
  • Gaming option: other than banking, you get a huge collection of games.

How Can I Play at These Online Casino USA?

All of them offer free downloadable software which is completely secure and legit and apart from the software there are many flash games that you can play without downloading anything directly on your mobile or computer. Get yourself a free account on the website, deposit funds, grab the welcome bonus and start playing.

Your free bonus will be provided to you as soon as you deposit for the first time.

PS: if you are a newbie and first want to learn the basics and  other things then you can play it instantly without software for FREE OF COST and see how it actually works.

Where are the online casino websites? Just scroll up a little bit, all of the data is provided within a table, choose anyone of them freely and start playing.