8 Horrible Gaming Injuries Caused by Playing Video Games Too Much

How often do you play video games? If it’s in the limit then alright but if you are focusing too much on playing video games then you should possibly take a break and think of something else to do since playing too much video games can get you in serious trouble, don’t take it lightly, these gaming injuries are horrible.

You might be thinking that we already know playing video games too often can get us some eye problems because we focus on computer and TV screens all the time but what if we said that there is something worse than that?

No doubt playing video games has some benefits also like it can get you out of depression, make your reaction time better but a coin has always two sides and this is just one of them. Everything in excess is a problem, and same goes with the video gaming as well, here problems are the gaming injuries, the injuries you face because of playing video games too much.

Few Worst Gaming Injuries in Today’s Date

Let’s begin with the list of injuries caused by gaming. Gaming is like an addiction, it’s difficult to control it but not impossible and we are sure you will surely spend less time on gaming after getting to know about these physical injuries caused by playing video games.

  • Nintendo Arthritis

nintendo gaming injuries

You have probably got an idea that which type of gaming can cause this, it’s obvious from the name, playing Nintendo games too much is the root cause of this physical injury. So what actually happens to you in this injury? Just look at the image, you will get to know about it.

Would you prefer to have hands like this? The hands which with crippled joints and cancerous calluses. Indeed a major injury caused by playing Nintendo too much.

This condition is incurable.

  • Atari Skinning

injury caused atari games

The Atari controller is the root cause of this disease. The formation of controller is in a such a way that playing on it too much gets your hand’s skin torn.

Bleeding fingers and calluses are caused here spreading infection among others also.

  • FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

gaming injuries

Computer gamers might be thinking that we are safe, no buddy you are not. This disease is caused by playing games which involves the use of mouse a lot. Counter strike players might be tensed right now.

Here FPS stands for First Person Shooter games. See the image to know what happens to your hands. This can also lead to tumors and numbness as well.

  • 3D Optical Disorder

eye injury by playing games

Love playing games on VR? This disease is related to eyes obviously. You may suffer eye twitching, blurred vision and no vision at all. Reduce the use of VR and remember those days when your mother used to say that don’t watch television from such a less distance.

  • WiiMote Shoulder Dislocation

injury games

Remember those days when you used to get too physically excited while playing tennis on WiiMote? Unlike other gaming console this involved more physical activity and most of the stress was focused on shoulders only, leading to shoulder dislocation.

  • Xbox Hypertrophy

injuries caused by playing Xbox

What else Xbox gaming gives you except for amazing games? The answer is hands problem or probably loss of hand functions.

Your hands becomes totally unsymmetrical since the small joints are disturbed by handling the Xbox controller. Either decrease the usage of Xbox and focus on other stuff or get ready to see your hands like. This won’t happen overnight but slowly you will start noticing the bad posture of hands.

  • Playstation Thumb

playstation game injuries

Playstation fans, here is the possible physical injury that you may face if you continue to play games on Playstation too much. You may immediately notice this type of texture of your fingers after playing Playstation games for few hours.

  • WASD Syndrome

gaming injuries caused by keyboards

What is WASD? Gamers who use keyboard might be thinking that we are safe, you are at double risk, scroll above and loom at FPS syndrome, that can also be caused by keyboards and now this WASD syndrome.

WASD are the keys on your keyboard which you use while playing games. What type of games  use only WASD keys? Need for Speed РMost Wanted, to name a popular one.

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